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ICACTL, ICAEL, ICAMRL, ICANL, ICAVL, Vein Center, ACR Accreditation Consultation

Web based, fully compliant Policy & Procedure manuals

Quality Improvement program design and oversight.

Assistance with Laboratory Audits

Assistance to applicants who have started the accreditation process Nuclear Medicine Health Physics oversight

Radiation Safety Officer services

Radioactive Materials Licensing

Nuclear Laboratory Setup

The ALARA Group Services Portfolio


Via teleconference or direct meeting, introduce you to the accreditation process, outline exactly which information is required for the application, and outline our strategy to minimize efforts on your part.

Create a webpage for you. You will have everything at your fingertips: policies & procedures, imaging protocols, useful links to continuing medical education and relevant organizations.

Our certified staff will review your physician reports and abnormal studies in order to ensure compliance. Submit a formal review summary, and outline how compliance can be met, and, if needed, provide a suggested report outline.

Create or review your imaging protocols, and, if needed, design methodology that fits into the way your staff is accustomed. For echocardiography and vascular sonography, provide you with a copy of our suggested protocol.

Design a compliant quality improvement program for your laboratory. Supervise your first quality improvement meeting. Generate the case correlation, appropriate use, report compliance matrices (and other analyses as required by IAC or ACR) for submission with your application.

Provide a fully compliant, web based, electronic manual with sections for: Administrative, Quality Improvement, Imaging Protocols, Radiation Safety (ICANL and ICACTL only).

Conduct one site visit per modality, the timing of which is up to you. The visit can either be an introductory visit, at the start of the process, or a mock inspection, which would occur after the application has been submitted.

Prepare and submit the IAC application (provide electronic and paper copies to you for your records).

Provide all follow-up services, and serve as liaison with the accrediting organization, until your laboratory receives accreditation.

Call (215) 436-1412 for a free consultation.

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The ALARA Group will create and provide one complete policy and procedure manual.

Manual will be provided in both web based and paper form.

Paper manual will be provided in a binder, with inserts for CMEs, QI minutes, and policy manual.

Manual will be comprehensive and contain all polices as required by the IAC/ACR, including imaging, administrative, radiation safety (CT & Nuclear), quality improvement.

The ALARA group will provide a teleconference in-service instructing staff as to the use of the web based manual.

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The ALARA Group will oversee your entire Quality Improvement (QI) program for your three year accreditation period.

At the start of each calendar quarter, we provide instructions as regards the information that you will collect and send to us.

Depending on the specific requirements, determine and compile the following: Appropriate Use Criteria. Report Content and Accuracy. Report Timeliness. Study Correlation. Variability. Reprocessing. (Other QI measures as required by IAC & ACR).

After our tabulation of results, will schedule a teleconference with you. During this teleconference, we will conduct your QI meeting, which will include: discussion of results of our data analysis, discussion of required elements of QI program, question and answer session.

Upon completion of QI meeting, compile minutes and send these to you. We also maintain records of all meetings and data analysis.

Provide an electronic and paper QI manual for each accredited modality.

Provide a binder carrying your practice logo, which will be used to store copies of QI minutes, results, and CMEs (these will be needed for an audit, and for reaccreditation).

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Depending on the specific QI requirements, determine and compile the following: Appropriate Use Criteria. Report Content and Accuracy. Report Timeliness. Study Correlation. Variability. Reprocessing. (Other QI measures as required by IAC & ACR).

Chair QI meeting via teleconference.

Conduct report review.

Review studies if needed.

Complete affidavit of practice changes.

Copy, package, and send all data to IAC or ACR.


Review/modify/ develop all compliant policies and procedures.

Create compliant web based and paper policy and procedure manual.

Verification of credentials.

Oversee QI for two calendar quarters.

Depending on the specific QI requirements, determine and compile the following: Appropriate Use Criteria. Report Content and Accuracy. Report Timeliness. Study Correlation. Variability. Reprocessing. (Other QI measures as required by IAC & ACR).

Conduct study and report review.

Evaluate CMEs.

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The ALARA Group provides assistance for applicants who have started the accreditation process, but feel that they cannot complete without professional assistance. Please call (215) 436-1412 in order that we can assess your needs and discuss competitive pricing. back to top


Conduct quarterly health physics audits as required.

Ensure that laboratory is compliant with the terms of radioactive materials license.

Ensure that all policy and procedures are regulatory compliant.

Ensure record keeping compliance.

Check all radiation detection equipment.

Perform linearity and all other required testing on dose calibrator.

Conduct sealed source inventory and leak test.

Confirm all required postings.

Assist with development of site specific/compliant record keeping forms.

Compile report outlining any deficiencies.

Make recommendations for the laboratory.

Perform annual review of the radiation safety program and RS manual.

Provide telephone support for technical assistance with radiation safety issues.

Provide computer generated dose calibrator constancy forms.

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Assure that qualified, licensed individuals will carry out the use of any radioactive isotope in a facility capable of handling radioactive materials.

The authority to immediately terminate a project involving radioactive materials, which is found to be a threat to health or property.

Visit facility as required by NRC and/or State during facility inspection.

Appear before NRC and State in the event of theft or loss of radioactive materials.

File report with the NRC and State in the event of misadministration.

File report with the NRC and State in the event of administration to pregnant or breast feeding individual in amount, which would pose a hazard to the fetus or child.

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Conduct an initial consultation with laboratory director.

Collect all appropriate documentation.

Complete license application.

Provide follow up assistance until license or amendment is granted.

Serve as liaison between laboratory and regulatory authorities.

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Assist with collection of materials, preparation of NRC or State license.

Preparation of State Rad License.

Radiation Safety Program Design, Including:

Design and create a complete Radiation Safety Manual

Provide initial implementation of all policies listed in Rad Safety Manual

Provide baseline health physics audit

Provide initial radiation safety in-service to staff

Create all record keeping templates

Provide checklist for compliance tests frequency

Perform all baseline dose calibrator and well counter tests.

(Includes: geometry, chi-square, accuracy, efficiency, channel check, constancy, linearity)

Ensure all required information is posted.

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