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ACC/AHA 2005 Practice Guidelines for the Management of Patients With Peripheral Arterial Disease


Clinical PET Images

NRC 10 CFR 35

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Health Physics Society Questions and Answers regarding Pregnancy and Radiation

Historical Timeline in Nuclear Medicine

MRI Manual

Mathematics Review and Image Processing

Fourier Transforms

Cooley-Tukey FFT Algorithms

Applications of Fourier Transform to Imaging Analysis

Inverting the Radon Transform

Wavelet Transform Tutorial

The following are from courses taught by K.F. Smith, PhD at Thomas Jefferson University and Abington Memorial Hospital.

If there are problems with the way the powerpoint presentation displays, right click and select "Edit Slides." This will display all slides in the proper sequence. You can then study the slides directly from the website, or click on "File" in the upper left and save on your computer.

Lecture 1: Mathematics Review

Lecture 2: Mathematics Review 2

Lecture 3: Rad Safety

Lecture 4: Rad Safety 2

Lecture 5: Rad Safety

Lecture 6: Rad Safety

Lecture 7: Rad Safety

Lecture 8: Rad Safety

Lecture 9: PET Physics

Lecture 10: PET Physics

Lecture 11: PET Physics

Lecture 12: PET Physics

Lecture 12: PET Physics

Lecture 13a: PET Physics

Lecture 13b: PET Physics

Lecture 14: PET Physics