The ALARA Group - Accreditation, Licensing, and Radiological Associates

Follow these instructions to take the courses:

Go to Cardiovillage.
Either login or click New User(if you are not already registered). After you have registered, whenever you visit the site, simply log in. You will be at the main page. Click "Echocardiography"
From the menu at the top of the screen, select the courses (see list below on this page). After finishing these courses, at the bottom of the screen, click "Home."   Click "Cornorary Artery Disease."   Click "Tutorials"   Now take the courses listed below under "Coronary Artery Disease."   For all courses you will accumulate credit based on the total number of pages studied.   You must visit all pages to accumulate the total number of credits.   When finished print out and save your transcript. Your transcript will list each course that you have taken and the sum total of credits.


(# cmes) Course Name

(.5)      Echocardiography Pretest HCPs

(1)      Echocardiography Pretest 2

(.5)     Endocarditis

(.75)     Cardiac Tamponade

(.5)     The Normal Echo

(1.5)   Introduction to the Parasternal View

(1.25)   Introduction to the Apical View

(.5)     Case Study: Unknown Echo - Patient With Shortness of Breath

(.5)     Echocardiography Post Test

Courses Under Preventive Cardiology

(.5)     Cardiac Imaging - Noninvasive

(1.5)  Disorders of the Heart- Valvular Heart Disease

(0.5)    Approach to the Cardiac Patient: 5. Cardiac Imaging - Stress Testing

(1)    Disorders of the Heart: Pericardial Disorders

Courses Under Coronary Artery Disease

(1)     Mitral Valve Regurgitation

(1.75)     Aortic Stenosis

(1.75)     Mitral Valve Stenosis

Total Credits 15