The ALARA Group - Accreditation, Licensing, and Radiological Associates

Accreditation, Licensing, and Radiological Associates.

    Professional consultation services for practices seeking accreditation in
    Computed Tomography (ICACTL), Echocardiography (ICAEL), Nuclear Cardiology/PET (ICANL), Magnetic Resonance Imaging (ICAMRL), Vein Center, and Ultrasound (ICAVL & ACR).

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Our services include

ICAEL, ICANL, ICAMRL, ICAVL, ICACTL Accreditation Consultation
IAC Vein Center Accreditation Consultation
ACR Ultrasound Accreditation Consultation
Web based, fully compliant Policy & Procedure manuals
Quality Improvement program design and oversight
Assistance with Laboratory Audits
Assistance to applicants who have started the accreditation process,
but feel they cannot complete without guidance
Nuclear Medicine Health Physics oversight
Radiation Safety Officer services
Radioactive Materials Licensing
Specialized Echocardiography and Vascular Sonography study review

The ALARA Group are the nation's premier consultants providing assistance with ICAEL, ICACTL, ICAVL, ICAMRL, ICANL, Vein Center, and ACR accreditation. We are professionals from radiological and cardiovacular imaging, health physics, health care administration, licensed physicists, certified technologists, medical administrators and healthcare administrative assistants. There is no other company that combines our level of expertise with our years of health care experience. We bring a level of professionalism unmatched in the industry. The ALARA Group also designs web-based Policy & Procedure manuals, provides Quality Improvement oversite, assistance with Accreditation Audits, and Health Physics services.

    A Few of Our Clients

    Fayaz A. Shawl MD, FACC: ICAEL, ICANL
    Dr. Shawl was awarded the Walter Reed Army Commendation Medal
    for performing the first coronary angioplasty for the US Military.

    University of Arizona Medical Center: Pediatric and Adult ICAEL

    Hackensack University Medical Center Outpatient Services, New Jersey: ICAEL, ICANL, ICAVL

    University of Mississippi Medical Center: ICAEL

    Columbia University Medical Center, Hudson, New York office: ICAEL, ICAVL

    Diagnostic Imaging Affiliates, New Jersey: ICACTL, ICAMRL

    Washington Adventist Hospital, Maryland: ICAEL

    Apex Cardiology, California: ICACTL, ICAEL, ICANL, ICAVL

    Heart & Lung Institute of Utah: ICAEL, ICANL, ICAVL